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The Affordable Divorce in as LITTLE as 5-6 WEEKS 

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*Not including court filing fees, state marshal service or independent professional services

The $795.00 Divorce Program*

There is no reason to give the lawyers all of your money. This is one of the best deals around. I have designed an affordable divorce package, specifically for those amicable couples who desire the quickest divorce without exhausting their finances and emotions in an adversarial court litigation.  Here is what is included:

  • All the court documents required for your divorce.
  • 3 hours of mediation with Andrew Ewalt so that you can be certain nothing has been overlooked.
  • A custom written Divorce Decree (Agreement) for you to review, approve and file with the court.

Additional Services

Very few disputes cannot be resolved through mediation. Regardless of the complexity of your situation it is my goal to assist you with obtaining the certainty and closure you desire. Each case is unique and may require additional assistance to be resolved.  In these circumstances some of the Flat Fee mediation and additional services I provide are:

  • Parenting Plans and Child Support Guidance
  • Spousal Support (Alimony) Agreements
  • Assistance With Filing Your Paperwork; So You Can Focus On More Important Issues
  • Details on How to Prepare for your Divorce Hearing; So The Court Date Is Less Scary
  • Working With Independent Attorney's
  • Assisting & Coordinating With Outside Professionals

Take charge by modeling the process of "getting along, even if you don't always agree"