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Andrew W. Ewalt, J.D.

As a mediator, Attorney Andrew Ewalt specializes in providing quality and affordable divorces for couples of all types needing assistance with their divorce while seeking to avoid the typically high financial and emotional costs association with the more traditional adversarial method.

Andrew's extensive professional and personal experiences have helped solidify his opinion that divorcing with the assistance of a knowledgeable mediator is the premier method for resolving most types of disputes and can help save money, time and distress. The days of the high priced, adversarial divorce are over.

Practicing law in Connecticut since 1999 and commencing his independent law practice in March 2000, Andrew has provided advice on a wide array of legal matters and successfully worked with a diversity of individuals and couples, businesses, state courts, attorneys and other professional advisers.  Realizing along the way that clients deserve better more cost effective solutions, he now focuses exclusively on Divorce and Family Mediation.

As a mediator, Andrew was trained in 2004 through a joint program of the University of Connecticut's Labor Education Center and the Quinnipiac Law School's Center on Dispute Resolution.  Andrew received his B.A. degree from Penn State University and his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) law degree from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington Delaware. Andrew is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Division and the Connecticut Counsil for Non-Adversarial Divorce.

Currently residing in Eastern Connecticut, Drew, as some of his friends call him, was a child of adoption and is currently the father of two teenage children.  He has lived and studied extensively overseas, most recently in Ukraine and loves to cook and enjoy good food, the more exotic and spicier the better.  He looks forward to meeting you and earning your trust by providing the highest quality, most affordable divorce services available.

"You deserve to be happy and your marriage has given you a ton of now it's your opportunity to use your knowledge wisely"