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A decision to divorce or file for custody is one of the most difficult experiences that an individual, couple, or family, may ever experience. Unfortunately, all to often, decisions made during this period are influenced by harmful emotions, and are complicated further by financial concerns, questions about child emotional welfare or parental alienation caused by lengthy and expensive court battles.

This does not have to be your experience!

Family Law Mediation helps couples and families who desire to remain in control without the stress, cost and time loss often associated with lawyers.

As your Family Law Mediator I pride myself on helping you navigate the court process successfully. I will explain how Mediation as an alternative to the process offered by lawyers, outline the steps necessary, prepare all of the court documents and custom draft your divorce, custody, visitation, child support agreement based upon your unique needs.

Mediation does not need to be a long, drawn-out process and in many cases can be resolved within several sessions. The nature of my business helps couples and parents find cooperation so they can focus on their objectives and resolve their important issues to achieve mutually acceptable agreements.

Unlike a traditional lawyer, as a mediator, I act as an objective and independent 3rd party facilitator who listens to both parties equally. This means that as a neutral I do not "work" for one side or the other or give individual advice to either party. I do provide you with resources and information, based upon my many years of legal experience, to help guide you towards the resolution you seek. I take away the uncertainty by preparing all of the necessary paperwork, help you from ever having to go to court and often resolve clients cases in weeks, not months or years.  

During these difficult economic times the swift and confidential nature of Family Law Mediation helps preserve control, ensure privacy, avoid excessive costs and stress while still providing closure and certainty to your court matter in Windham County, Tolland County and New London County, Connecticut .  

Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support

For couples with children the concern for their children's physical and emotional wellbeing is the number one priority.  Child custody, visitation and child support disputes can also be some of the most difficult and harmful experiences for children.  Parents seeking an amicable divorce and/or custody orders, particularly for the benefit of their children, should strongly consider mediation. Some of the areas we will help you resolve are:

  • Establish or Modify Custody, Visitation and Child Support Orders  
  • Comprehensive Custom Drafted Parenting Plans, Including Holiday's And Vacations
  • Options That Make Sense For Your Children and Family     
  • Calculation of Child Support to Establish or Modify a Court Order